• A lawyer shall, in his professional as well as other activities, protect the honour of the legal profession
  • Everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence

  • A lawyer shall promote justice and prevent injustice

  • A lawyer shall perform his work independently and protect the autonomy of the legal profession

  • A lawyer shall always provide his Client with an impartial opinion of his affairs


Reykjavík Law Firm is a full service law firm and one of larger law firms in Iceland. The firm consists of eight partners. Reykjavik Law Firm was established in the year 1982 and in June 1998 it merged with Lawyers, Laugavegur 97, Reykjavík. In May 1999 the vice director of the Internal Revenue in Iceland, Guðrún Helga Brynleifsdóttir, Attorney to the Supreme Court, joined Reykjavík Law Firm. In January 2002 the firm moved to Vegmúli 2, Reykjavík, and merged with Lawyers Seltjarnarnesi. In July 2007 the firm moved to a new office building in Borgartún 25, Reykjavík.